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As a social libertarian, I’ve struggled with the merits of monitoring comments, as I fervently believe in free speech, and respect one’s right to be an asshole. But in taking that approach, I’ve come to discover that conversations are often derailed by certain comments. In short, all comments are subject to review, and anything deemed offensive will go gently into that good night. So here’s a small list of how I run things around here.

1) No trolling unless you’re outrageously witty, and said wit will inevitably overshadow any offense caused or intended.

2) This is an inclusive space, so I will not tolerate any sexist, racist, tribalist, classist, homophobic bullying of any kind. Granted this is a political space, and at times we will venture into topics that call for polarizing opinions and positions, but I think as sentient beings, we’re able to have these discussions without bullying tactics and verbal abuse. That includes ad-hominem attacks, cyber stalking, and posting of personal information. In other words, please don’t be a creeper.

3) This site is a progressive space, which means racism, classism, misogyny, homophobia, and religious bullying yield no power here. This blog is extremely left-leaning, and note to the fatwa police, material may cause offence to your senses by requiring that you think, feel, debate, dissect, challenge, introspect, research-you know, all the requirements one needs to qualify as a sentient being. With that said, I’m also a fan of inclusive spaces, and welcome all readers with opinions and experiences contrary to ours, but please be willing to engage with an open mind so we can all benefit from the exchange.

4) I don’t have to give you a lesson on the various  attempts made on the part of  privileged agents to discredit, delegitimize the voices of the marginalized, and as such, its important that everyone check their privilege at the door. Its important that we realize that this is not the space to silence the oppressed, and I encourage that those with platforms in traditional media spaces take a moment to pause and let the marginalized speak.

Other than that, comment away….


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