Training Midwives, Mudug Style.

What’s wrong with these pictures?


9 thoughts on “Training Midwives, Mudug Style.

  1. I was furious after I initially saw these photos. Where the *bleep* are the women I thought?
    However, just recently I found out that this event you have posted pictures of took place on the 23rd of October/24th of October 2012 and is on waterborne diseases, there is coverage of the event here:

    They clearly have not removed the posters/banners down as the midwifery training dates are: 23rd of September 2012 till the 6th of October. This event like I said took place later in October.

    I’m not here to defend or say that our society is completely exempt from sheer stupidity or sexism, but it turns out in this case it’s just a bunch of men (albeit women should be participating in all aspects of society) who were talking water and NOT women, pregnancy and vaginas.

    I usually just shrug mistakes off, since the internet is filled with photos being used in the wrong context particularly in social network sites. I think your blog is great, hence why I have bothered to inform you of what that picture actually depicts.

    • I spoke with a few individuals involved in the Puntland govt, and I’ve heard various stories that this was a different event, and some claiming it wasn’t in mudug, I’m gonna need folks to stick to one story lol, I clinked on the link, and not seeing any visible evidence that this is the same event, but if so, it does not change the reality that these health initiatives and much of public and civil discourse excludes women…But appreciate your sharing of this information. And yes, if this was indeed a convention on waterborne diseases, it would lessen the hilarity of all this, but would it the exclusionary, male-only politics of it sting any less?

  2. Ok i demand to know why these are plotting to take a female oriented jobs intended for women only!! Somalia never ceases to suprise me..

  3. Upon seeing the first image, the feminist side of me was appalled despite not knowing what this gathering was about. I scrolled down to the second picture, and feelings of ambivalence arose. This is a good thing i might think. Men are breaking societal norms by taking on jobs that are thought to be more traditionally “feminine,” so this in turn could create a reformation of societal gender norms, and perhaps allow women to take on jobs that are more traditionally “masculine.” However, the pessimistic side of me was quite overwhelming, and I immediately began to think of this as an attempt for men to take on any or all jobs, feminine or masculine so that females can adhere to their traditional place (house keeping and such). These images all in all speak beyond a thousand words and can be interpreted in many ways, it just depends on the lens…

  4. Crazy how the norms of society have come to a change, and some regions not changing at all. How can we expect to get to equality without education for women? Is this a new start

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