Mama Africa Welcomes AfroLens

Before we discuss the meaning of this lofty title, it’s important we apologize for the long  hiatus.We’ve been on the road for the last few weeks roaming the streets of Europe in anticipation of our trip to East Africa. It’s so easy to construct lofty theories, opinions, and ideas about a region one’s physically removed from, and we’ve decided that we’re long overdue for an education from our land, and people. We return to this region to be present to a tapestry of rich and tenacious cultures and peoples. It’s our long winded way of saying, ‘We’re home!!!‘, and plan on documenting the stories, the triumphs, the injustices, the laughter, the nuisances, the diversity of this region. In conclusion, stay tuned. It’s about to get really interactive and interesting around here.

In the meantime, we leave you with images of the glory that is Addis Ababa. My god, Ethiopia, you’re gorgeous!

For those of you from East Africa, or intrigued by this region, what city fascinates you and why? 

4 thoughts on “Mama Africa Welcomes AfroLens

  1. Ethiopia and Eritria because it has long represented that birthplace of us all in my learnings. Not to mention I’m often told that I resemble HIM. Kenya because I love the mere idea of the Mau Mau and the unified power embodied in my folk. Tanzania for the university township established and developed by the Panthers Chairman O’neal and his wife. And finally, at The Horn, Somalia, where 5 of the most beautiful sisters I’ve had the opportunity of meetin and knowin directly hail from. I’m bout to be there soon enough. Fist up!

  2. Nairobi Fascinates me , in the morning the Toyotas, Mercs, Nissans and etc become the decor of the highways – Carribean music pumping from the moving discotheques locally known as Matatu ( or Ma Three ) . At the same time the city under the sun has vast presence of wildlife, riverines and tiny bridges that float on deep valleys – looking like a scene from an action moving ! Its just a city that offers both of allk worlds – as much as its a big city it’s also a jungle 🙂 . Its the different faces of Nairobi that fascinates me – the chinese constructing the road, the Somali restaurant in

  3. Nairobi is where my heart calls home whilst my body wanders elsewhere. However i would love to travel more in the region.

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