Occupy Nigeria

As for our relationship with the political class, what relations would you have liked us to weave? We explained face to face, directly with the leaders, the former leaders of the former political parties because, for us, these parties do not exist any more, they have been dissolved. And that is very clear. The relationship that we have with them is simply the relationship we have with voltaic citizens, or, if they so wish, the relationship between revolutionaries, if they wish to become revolutionaries. Beyond that, nothing remains but the relationship between revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries.

Thomas Sankara


One thought on “Occupy Nigeria

  1. *Shoot me, Let me Die!*….such simple but powerful words!! they brought tears to my eyes…only a real pain can bring you there…Africans have their back against the wall and have nothing to loose anymore…I just so hope this will not be tainted by our usual African disease *the tribalism*…..wish them a lot of courage and best luck, so proud of them šŸ™‚

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